General Frequently Asked Questions

In this area of, you will find the general FAQ (frequently asked questions) answers to “how do I” and “did you know” questions. While this is not meant to represent or replace the 8 Ball Express bylaws, it can be a quick reference guide or an area for discussion as to why a rule is the way it is. We welcome the feedback of our members and look forward to hearing from you.

How do I get my username/password?

I’m not a pool shark, can I still join 8 Ball Express?
What prizes and awards does 8 Ball Express offer?
What nights does 8 Ball Express play?
What does it cost to join 8 Ball Express?
How many players are needed to start an 8 Ball Express team?
How is my 8-Ball Express league handicap calculated?
How many weeks into a session can a player join an 8-Ball Express billiard team?
What if I can’t make it to play each of the 14 weeks?
Where is the session championship held?
Where can I find an application for 8 Ball Express membership?
What happens during the actual league night play?
Where can I find the 8 Ball Express rule book?
What does the 8 Ball Express website offer?
If my team qualifies for the end of session tournament, do I have to continue to play with that team the following session?
Besides the end of session championship tournament, does 8 Ball Express offer any other tournaments?
If I have any complaints, what should I do?