CoVid-19 Notice UPDATE 3/23/2020


As new cases of COVID-19, known as Coronavirus, continue spreading, 8 Ball Express, LLC has issued the following league play information. 

STARTING TODAY; MONDAY MARCH 16TH, 2020 Update 3/23/2020
– As you all know last Monday March 16th league play was suspended for 2 weeks March 16-28, 2020 due to Covid-19 with the hopes of being able to start again on Sunday 3/29/2020. Then on March 17th,2020 The Governor of North Carolina closed all of our Host Locations . As of this Monday 3/23/2020 there is no timeline known as to when our Host Locations will be allowed to reopen or what the rules of operation will be when they are allowed. So, the only thing we can do is just hang in there until they (Host Locations) can get back open for business.

Once the Host Locations do get back up and running please remember there maybe conditions or limitations that maybe put on them. I know that if that is the case we will again come together to figure out a way to work with everyone (Host Locations,All Leagues and of course The Players) involved to get back to playing. Until then, Please keep your health safe by following all the rules and recommendations by the CDC & Government Officials.  

  • Once this is calmed down and we can resume play, Play will pickup where we left off with week #11 or #12 if you are a Sunday Team (since you all played this past Sunday). SO PLEASE KEEP THIS WEEKS PAPERWORK in a Safe Place.
  • -Instead of trying to play POSTPLAYs, which is nearly impossible because of either table space and the fact that it would be #14  session end, (and no one could play 15 matches in 1 week).SO I will be extending this session past it’s original end date of April 25th, 2020.
  • I would like to ask you all to stay safe with your health. Please follow any recommended CDC advise.  

 If you have any questions, please call me at 336-306-0336.

Thanks,Tina Foster 8 Ball Express, LLC

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