Start of Session Meetings



FYIThe Start of Session Meeting will be held;

Charlotte – 7pm-8pm Monday April 30th, 2018 @  Rack ‘Em Matthews, NC 704-847-7665

All League Members are welcome to attend. There will be a short review of the upcoming Summer Session and 1st Place Team Information. No Meeting Bonus Points will be given this go around because of the change of of date/day and the fact some teams may not be available to attend due to other commitments

We will be pulling the Board for the Winter 2018 8 Ball Championship Tournament (June 22-24, 2018) and the 1st Place Wildcard Draw for the 1st place teams that don’t make it through the playoff’s. ALSO, I will be passing out, Schedules of play for the session, Rosters showing all teams and members in divisions,Score sheets for the first night of play, New Captains packs for the start of the New Session

For More Information: Telephone: (704) 545-3599 Cell: (336) 306-0336

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