About 8 Ball Express

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8 Ball Express
A Handicapped Billiard League for
the Beginner to Intermediate Pool Player
Started in 2002, 8 Ball Express is a family run competitive and enjoyable experience in the sport of pocket billiards.

Members play weekly to compete for the chance to play in exciting championship pool tournaments for cash and prizes

8 Ball Express is an amateur pool league. While the level of competition is high, there is plenty of room for beginners and players who want to improve their game and have a good time doing it. Our pool league handicapping system creates a fair environment for every player and allows for all skill levels to compete with each other. The pool league also encourages defensive play, which allows less offensively skilled players to compete successfully with players of greater offensive skill.

Our membership ranges from blue collar workers to white collar professionals. There are school teachers, brick masons, electricians, restaurant owners, police officers, veterinarians, etc.

Teams are comprised of a range of players including – families with parents spending time each week connecting with their adult children, couples, groups of friends/neighbors/co-workers that get a time each week to have fun, all without the hassle of organizing it themselves. Members simply pick which night of the week works best for them and 8 Ball Express handles the rest.