Last Week to Add/Drop Players


Last Week to Add/Drop Players:

This is the final week to add or drop a player from your team’s roster.

All Dues Must Be Paid:

All members must have their dues ($$) paid by the time this week’s score sheet reaches the office or the player will be dropped from the roster.

 Must Play 6 Times:

ALL previous players need 6 scores on each team,  and all new players need 8 scores on each team, this session, in order to qualify for the play-offs and the Session Championship.

Only 1 Forfeit Will Count As a Match (If needed):

You will be able to use 1 forfeit to count as a match, if the player that needs an additional match is listed on your score sheet as receiving a forfeit.  The forfeit score will not be added until the end of the session.


Summer 2016 8-Ball and Winter/Summer 2016 9-Ball Champions


Congratulations to the Summer 2016 8-Ball Champions


 $10,000.00 Winners

8 Ballers – Michelle Jefferson, Captain

Buster’s Billiards – Burlington, NC

Congratulations to the Winter/Summer 2016 9-Ball Champions


 $8,000.00 Winners

9 Ball Mafia – Michelle Jefferson, Captain

Buster’s Billiards – Burlington, NC

Pictures are now available online at Summer 2016 8 Ball and Winter/Summer 2016 9 Ball Championship pictures

Fall 2016 Session Has Started! Enjoy the Ride!


The Fall 2016 Session Has Begun!

Enjoy the Ride!

Be sure to contact the League Office (704.545.3599) or Kim’s cell (704.607.3797) with any questions, especially such as:
* Where am I playing tonight
* What is a player’s handicap or player number
* What fees should my team be turning in

Check out the Home menu for links to some information, such as printable score sheets, player apps, what to do during league night, etc that my be helpful to you in the first few weeks.

League Calendar Version Fall 2016

Welcome to!


$60,000.00 a Year Payout!Welcome!
Started in 2002, 8 Ball Express is a pool league that provides: a competitive and enjoyable experience in the sport of pocket billiards AND the opportunity to compete three times a year in an exciting pool tournament for awards and prizes!

While players of all skill levels are welcome, the 8 Ball Express Pool League is specifically designed for the beginner to intermediate pool player.

Our unique and comprehensive billiard handicapping system gives poolplayers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete and WIN up to $60,000 a year or a trip anywhere!

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Offering both 8-ball and 9-ball formats as well as travel and in-house divisions.