Welcome to the Fall 2022 Session


The Fall 2022 Session Has Begun !

Enjoy the Ride!

Be sure to contact the League Office (Tina’s cell (336.306.0336) with any questions, especially such as:
* Where am I playing tonight
* What is a player’s handicap or player number
* What fees should my team be turning in

Check out the Home menu for links to some information such as printable score sheets, player apps, what to do during league night, etc that may be helpful to you in the first few week.

Paperwork includes, 1st week scoresheets, Schedules for your division, a few registration forms for each team if needed, if not maybe someone else will need them. Also included is a copy of meeting notice information.

I hope everyone has a great session…. please remember that there are several week-end Holiday’s INCLUDING THE DREADED THANKSGIVING THURSDAY UGH!!!! Plan your PREPLAY’s now and let me know when you will be doing them, so I can get paperwork out to you in time and there won’t be a conflict.