8 Ball Express, LLC is still here and waiting for Bar’s to reopen.


Update 12/27/2020

As this year (2020) comes to the end.. I wanted to post a message to all, that yes, I am still here. Waiting as is everyone else, for Bar’s to open and the league to get back to playing.
The plan at this point has not changed from last March. Unless something crazy happens. The original plan (when we thought it would be only a few weeks) was to pickup where we left off, which was week #11 for the Monday-Friday teams, week #12 for the Sunday teams. If by some chance this doesn’t work, I do have a PLAN B.

I hope that all are staying well and safe. I hope all had a good Christmas Holiday, And I wish for all of us… A BETTER,HAPPIER,HEALTH 2021. With the help of a vaccine, maybe we will all be able to see each other soon.

My phone number is the same 336-306-0336. So if you want to talk or have questions, give me a call.

Thanks,Tina Foster 8 Ball Express, LLC

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Started in 2002, 8 Ball Express is a pool league that provides: a competitive and enjoyable experience in the sport of pocket billiards AND the opportunity to compete in exciting pool tournaments for awards and prizes!

While players of all skill levels are welcome, the 8 Ball Express Pool League is specifically designed for the beginner to intermediate pool player.

Our unique and comprehensive billiard handicapping system gives poolplayers of all skill levels the opportunity to play and compete for Cash & Prizes.!

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Offering both 8-ball and 9-ball formats as well as travel and in-house divisions.