Welcome Back Everyone !!!!


Update 03/06/2021

Good Morning EVERYONE !!!!… It has been a very stressful year for all of us, but we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Last week-end I started texting, calling & posting to all of the Captains & Players about restarting the week of March 14th-20th, 2021. The response has been good. If your reading this and your Captain from the Winter 2020 session has not contacted you yet, Please call me. A lot of things can happen in a year. People change phone numbers, move, etc, so it maybe that I can help.                                                                                                                                 Now for the next move in the restart….. All Captains were asked to contact players and let me know status of their teams by today Saturday 3/6/2021…. As of 1 o’clock pm I have heard from most but their are still a few out there yet to let me know. Once I hear from the last of them, I will start the reconstruction of divisions. Yes there are a few players or teams who have chosen to wait until they are vaccinated and won’t be returning just yet, But that’s okay. Everyone must make their own personal choice and we must all respect that.                                                                                                                The current plan is to restart on March 15th for the Monday-Thursday divisions with week #11 from last session and although the Sunday divisions played week #11 last year, most of the teams on Sunday want to go ahead and start their week #12 on March 14th rather than March 21st.

Rules for each Host Location.. (Please Remember that the North Carolina mandate is; Mask & Social Distancing )

Steamers….. Mask unless eating or drinking, social distancing…..NO ALOCHOL purchase after 11pm… Food can be served until 11:30pm…. bar is usually closing 12 to 12:30 …..

Rack ‘Em Billiards……Mask must be worn at all times unless eating or drinking…. NO ALOCHOL purchase after 11pm…. closing at 11:30 PERIOD…. this means players must watch time in matches, try to play faster, Split tables if possible, maybe try to preplay a match or 2 before actual play night to help reduce post plays…. Because of time restrictions, all teams must call me IF they HAVE NOT started their 5th match by 10:30pm. Any POST PLAYS must be finished within 1 week of next play night.

Burlington Players … Sadly, Buster’s did not survive the shut down. First I would like to say how sad I am about this. Buster’s has been in 8 Ball Express since 2009 and I know we will all miss it. I have talked with Robert Searcy at Rack N Rolls and he has been kind enough to allow us a new home. Play there will start March 17 for Wednesday and March 18th for the Thursday Division. As normal for the Burlington area divisions, there will be a $10 table fee for all league teams…. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME THAT MONEY… PAY IT TO THE BARTENDER EACH NIGHT OF PLAY AND MAKE SURE SHE KNOWS WHAT TEAM YOU ARE PAYING FOR… SHE WILL HAVE A LIST OF TEAM NAMES TO CHECK OFF OF. There will be NO ALOCHOL purchase after 11pm…. and Robert has said that he will close after league is done for the night and if it runs to late will offer a split table if needed. Please follow whatever Mask and Social Distancing rules he has in place. AND BE KIND !!!!!!

I have survival rules that will help teams with missing players and many other problems, BUT they are going to be Taylor Made for each teams situation. And because of that, I also have restrictions and conditions that come along with it. I know that some as usual will bark and bite because everyone has an idea of what they think should happen, but I am only trying to help Us get restarted and everyone have a far shot. Things will go back to the normal rules for next session. SO, NOW IS THE TIME, IF YOUR TEAM IS HAVING AN ISSUE WITH ANYTHING, PLEASE CALL ME NOW… DON’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK BECAUSE I STILL HAVE TO HAVE TIME TO MAKE CORRECTIONS AND PRINT NEW PAPERWORK.

I hope that we will all just be happy we are back and able to play. I hope that we will all just look at any changes that will need to be made as a positive and let it just flow smoothly.

I will be having a NON MANDATORY VERY SHORT.. (15 to 30 minutes MAX) Captains meeting Sunday @ Rack ‘Em Sunday March 14th between 1:30 & 2 pm. If you come, please wear a mask and stay 6ft apart. All updated paperwork for the restart week will be left at Rack ‘Em for Rack ‘Em players and Steamers at Steamer for their Players.

I hope I have covered most of your questions but if you have any others call me…My phone number is the same 336-306-0336.

Thanks,Tina Foster 8 Ball Express, LLC

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